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A knife is a useful tool in the garden!

This high quality stainless steel pruning knife has a sturdy wooden handle for user comfort and is perfect for pruning and cutting branches. Also great for cutting flowers. Features a leather strap for easy hanging.

Dimensions: 3.3 x 2 x 17,8 cm

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Price: £200 + VAT

Supplied As: 1000 bulbs

Use: Spring colour, container, front of borders

Final Height:

A mixed variety of daffodil species flowering from March to April

Product Code: D315

Product Name: Narcissus ‘Thousand Mix’

Price: £200 + VAT

Supplied As: Bulbs

Quantity: Pack of 1000

Use: Spring colour, borders, containers, ground cover

Final Height: Varies between 10-60 cm

Ignite your garden with our Narcissus Mix. This pack of 1000 mixed Narcissus bulbs offers a stunning array of colours to elevate your spring garden. Ideal for borders and containers, these hardy daffodils can provide abundant ground cover with a height range between 35-45 cm. Purchase our high-quality narcissus mix today to give your garden a burst of life and colour.

Use product code D315 for your order.


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